Dr. Shradha Gattani

Managing Director of Oriental Palace Resort, Udaipur


Director of Saumya Energy Private Limited

The successful chronicle of Dr.Shradha Gattani is an inspiration to many! She proved that if you can think it, you have the potential to do it!

How many times we have heard the triumphant narrative of the strong women leaders, who not only dream of going after their choice but also dare to accomplish all they thought of! Every leader has one thing in common, and that is passion. Such a narrative is of Dr. Shradha Gattani, who achieved her dreams with her hard work and dedication. Currently, Dr. Shradha Gattani is the Managing Director of Oriental Palace Resort, Udaipur, and Director of Saumya Energy Private Limited.

Dr. Shradha Gattani and Her Family

Dr. Shradha Gattani

Husband & Kids


Dr.Shradha Gattani, daughter of Mr. Vinod Somani and Mrs. VidhiyaSomani, was born in Ajmer city. She entered the business world merely at the age of eighteen years. When the youth was trying to figure out the difference between the thick and thin, she ignited the fire of dreams, vision, passion. With her sheer intelligence and perseverance, she completed her MBA in Human Resources and PHD in Marketing Management. With ace profiles and a skilled mindset, she steadily held her pawns strong in the business field. With the systematic approach and deliberate conscious efforts, her hard work started to gain recognition. In no time, she became the first renowned businesswoman in the Hospitality business in the year 1993.

“HR knows how to handle a business and connect with the needs of the customers.”Her strong communication skills and sharp business acumen rewarded her back.


“Any successful venture is incomplete without difficulties, setbacks, and challenges. These are not the impediments, but the ladder to climb the success.”

After many barriers, Dr. Shradha Gattani opened a unique club in India, MUSKAN CLUB. It was the club of her blood and sweat. She invented this club for all the people who were looking for a soothing place to rejuvenate and replenish, looking to explore different cities or countries, finding a place to hang out with your friends, and relaxing your mind muscles after the chaos of work and surroundings. This club started foreign tours and leisure activities for all its members, and to be precise, there were 3000 registered members. Muskan Club was the home to many fun and recreational activities. This club also organised many cultural activities that include singing, dancing, mimicry, play, yoga, and meditation. It was a tranquil place to discuss every minute details with your pals, which were earlier impossible to accomplish.

“Inspiration is like a Dominos effect. It transfers one to another.”

By looking at the tremendous success of Muskan Club, many other clubs were introduced after. This club is one of the biggest achievements of Dr.Shradha Gattani.


Dr.Shradha Gattani is the Managing Director of one of the renowned resorts in India “Oriental Palace Resort”, Udaipur. With approximately 64,000 square feet of green lawn space and 50 different kinds of room, this resort is one of the popular tourist destinations in Udaipur. It is a lavish homestay for all the tourists that visit the city of lakes. 


“Being a member of any firm is about knowing that you share your valuable experiences with others.”

A strong woman leader knows how to play at the front foot and leave her successful imprints everywhere. With many top-notch businesses in her segment, , Dr. Shradha Gattani is a member of numerous firms and organizations. These are: Director of “Muskaan Senior Citizen Group.”, Executive of “Udaipur Hotel Association”, Member of “PHD Chamber of Rajasthan”,Secretary of “Anupam Mahila Club”,Assistant Governor “Rotary Meera  Club”, Executive Assistant “ Maheshwari  Mahila Club”,“ Matushree Mahila Club”, Executive Member of “Maheshwari Mahila Gaurav”, Executive Member of “Maheshwari Seva Sadan ”, Founder of “PT Studio ”, Executive Member of “Akhil Bhartiya Maheshwari Mahila ”


“Marketing is not about an agency winning awards, but it is about an organisation winning business.”

A true leader winning the uphill battles says to herself, “There is no looking back!”

There are many awards and achievements in her pocket. These are: Outstanding Person Award, Bhamasha Award, Life Fulfilling Award. Most Hardworking Women Award, Super Women of Udaipur Award, Best Businesswomen Award, Best Social Worker of Udaipur Award, Rotary Club Excellence Award, Best All rounder student Award, Best Student Kokila award, Best Student Kokila award, Times of India – Women Excellence Award, Hindustan Times – Women Entrepreneur Award,Outstanding Assistant Governor – Rotary Award, Maheshwari Mahila Gaurav Award


A wise person should have patience, belongingness, respect for others, should cooperate with all their near and dear ones and should be a very good listener,” says , Dr. Shradha Gattani.

With her true wisdom and honest work ethics, she has set a strong example of integrity, authenticity, and humility. She believes in making a difference and building human relations.


She is the wife of Mr. Neeraj Gattani, who is the Director of Saumya Energy Private Limited. She is a mother to two children, Mrs. Shreya, currently living in Bangalore and is married to a renowned business and Mr. Shaurya, currently pursuing his studies in Australia.

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