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The company Avidia Labs founded in silicon valley of India, Bengaluru by Vidya Choudhary from IISC Bengaluru and Ajit Kohir from BITS Pilani, shares a unique intersection of education and technology to break the traditional methodologies of learning.

Ajit Kohir

Vidya Choudhary

Does your child only gaze at T.V and play Mobile games while staying home after school? In this digital age, how to ENGAGE kids in a CREATIVE and GAMIFIED way while LEARNING LIFE LONG SKILLS.

Today, we’ll introduce you to Avidia Labs, a company specializing in early childhood and coding education.


Creativity isn’t just about being able to imagine things but to be able to bring them alive. Keeping this in mind, Avidia Labs launched the world’s first interactive online coding platform QwikXR for kids ages 7 to 16 to create, explore, discover and collaborate in bringing their imagination into reality on their own in a very few seconds.


Kids get access to a creation toolbox to build anything in 3D, a visual coding language to program their creations, and fun ways to explore what they’ve created, including Virtual and Augmented Reality!


Every parent is concerned with their child’s future, and when it comes to the competitive ground everyone wants to excel in one way or another.

Coding helps to structure child development in building the life critical skills, perseverance & problem solving. The perspective to approach the problem statement changes drastically for the kid who knows how to code versus others.

Coding platform QwikXR works on any computer in the internet browser via Alternatively, kids can use a tablet or smartphone without downloading any heavy applications. It is used in more than 10000+ schools all around the world and that can easily be used at home and on any devices.


Young innovators can build virtual worlds, create interactive stories, design virtual museums on any topic, learn to code by programming their own games which they and others can then play, and so much more! You can be

sure your kids will find something interesting to build and you can also find ideas in the QwikXR gallery. Students learn how to create immersive environments so they can build what’s in their brains.


It’s no news that many kids LOVE Minecraft! Some students had the brilliant idea to combine the game with QwikXR to double the fun and creativity with 5000+ combinations of coding courses including Minecraft, lego and kids favorite character driven modules. We offer various courses focused on Project-based learning outcomes for the parents namely: Beginner, Advance, and Expert that target different age groups and difficulty levels.


All the classes are scheduled online and a personalized 1:1 trainer is allotted as per the course selected. Most of the training sessions happen after schools or weekend classes based on the availability of students. Also Avidia Labs offers flexible customized seats and license plans for organization as per the student strength.


Our mentors are students from top institutions in India, IIT’s and IIM’s who have cleared the deep training from our subject matter experts and Industrial leaders from MIT and Harvard alumni.


We aim for big parents’ value, they can see their child’s performance, interest and creation live and that helps them to guide their child in the right future path without stressing anymore. Real-time assessment on competency and character metrics so that student outcomes dramatically enhanced by live feedback and gamification.

As per the new education policy in India 2021, coding is the mandatory subject for childrens ages 10 and to join this mission Avidia Labs bridges the gap between future requirements of the new word and our children’s skills. The kids are our future and there is a need to train, develop empathy and tinker with these young minds to build a strong nation that leads to social growth and economic development.

The company founded in silicon valley of India, Bengaluru by Vidya Choudhary from IISC Bengaluru and Ajit Kohir from BITS Pilani, shares a unique intersection of education and technology to break the traditional methodologies of learning and developed patented tool QwikXR to engage young innovators with life-long learning skills.

Avidia Labs is greatly supported by its parents and student community and the company has also raised pre-seed funds of $150,000 from the angel investor and institutional investors. Vikram Ahuja was the initial and lead investor in the early stage, then supported by CIIE, Ahmedabad.

Avidia Labs is recognised and awarded by Samsung Korea, Cambridge University UK, Royal Academy of Engineering London, NTT Magic Japan, and CNBC International TV Channel.

Also Avidia Labs has expanded globally in South Korea, Vietnam, UAE, UK and Turkey, apart from India. Company focussed on coding courses on QwikXR and has signed up over 1 MM students in just over 6 months and is targeting globally 1 Billion users in the year 2022. Avidia Labs is seeking to raise $3 MM at a valuation of $20MM in the next round of funding.

QwikXR is becoming the first choice of teachers, parents and students in the present community where anyone can create their own curriculum and students can join their courses all over the world. Teachers and students create their own virtual avatar in Metaverse and can interact just like they do in the real world without any boundaries of nation.

That’s Avidia Labs plan to grow a thriving community of world class 1:1 trainers and students.

So, the next time a child tells you they’re feeling bored at home, just tell them––get into coding and play with QwikXR! They might act a little surprised, but trust us, they will enjoy the process and will unleash their creative and logical side in the process.

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